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It take little water to thrive making it ideal for a xeri-scape garden. Plant in well-drained soil and water regularly to establish. The genus Loropetalum is native to a large range of Southeast China, the Himalayas and Japan. Loropetalum Plum Gorgeous certainly lives up to its name with its stunning year-round plum foliage. As a ground cover, it reaches 1 to 2 feet high and 4 to 5 feet wide. But spring and autumn is when it really comes into its own, with … Water to establish and then this shrub is drought tolerant. Can be grown as a screen or mass planting, or trained into espalier, topiary, or small tree forms. The Ever Red Loropetalum is an outstanding way to add year-round color to any style of landscape. Loropetalum is a small genus of only one or a few evergreen shrubs or small trees in the witch hazel family. This loropetalum thrives in full to part sun and is adaptable, but prefers slightly acidic, moist but well-drained soil. Carolina Midnight Loropetalum Care. The first purple leaf plants were not officially known until the first grove was found in Hunan Province in 1942. rubrum 'Cherry Blast' Compact shrub featuring deep, vivid red fringe-like flowers in spring. Loropetalum are pretty tough plants. Saved by Kim Pearson. Find ideas and inspiration for Loropetalum to add to your own home. I appreciate in advance any advice. Prune after spring flowering to shape and maintain desired size. Family Hamamelidaceae . Plant around the edges of shade gardens or at posts of overhead arbors and patio covers. Try a hedge, border, or mass planting for a unique and colorful look. Purple Pixie Dwarf Weeping Loropetalum Care. Pot - Sky Pencil Japanese Holly(Ilex), Live Plant, Upright Growth Habit: 3 Gal. It is a fast-growing shrub or tree that can grow up to 15 feet tall. There are several plants that would make great companions in the garden or landscape. Plant them together as a screen or along the edges of the home as foundation plants. The resemblance is obvious in the fragrant, spider-like flowers that bloom in late winter or early spring, when few other plants are in bloom. The Plants Management Australia website uses cookies for analytics to help improve your visit to our site. Loropetalum prefers acidic pH between 4.5 to 6.5. Loropetalum plants are known as Chinese fringe plants. Plants That Complement Nandina Shrubs. Plants like this do nothing for the housing market. A stray or damaged branch that is spoiling the shape or the look of the plant can be snipped off any time of year. If you plant this in front of your house, you probably gave your girlfriend a pop-top for an engagement ring. Since loropetalum blooms on old wood, wait until flowers are finished in spring before pruning. A. Loropetalum is a garden stand-out not just for its richly colored foliage but also because it sets off everything else in your landscaping. YES COMPANION PLANT SUGGESTIONS: croton, Xanadu philodendron, variegated arboricola, podocarpus, dwarf allamanda, drift rose and thryallis. It's a star player in our Southern Living Plant Collection. Synonyms Loropetalum chinense f.rubrum 'Fire Dance' . Sep 19, 2020 - Use these tips from our experts to find the perfect plant combos for your garden landscape. Purple Pixie Dwarf Weeping Loropetalum, Groundcover Evergreen Shrub with Purple Foliage, Pink Blooms: 2.5 Qt. Top. You consent to the use of our cookies if you continue to use this site. Loropetalum Companion Plants. The Chinese fringe plant makes an excellent border or specimen. I have one that I let dry out badly in the pot before I got around to planting it and it lost a lot of its leaves. Water regularly when the first 3 inches of the soil becomes dry. Look for companion plants that echo the softly colored leaves. A 1-gallon plant placed in a 24-inch-tall pot will completely hide the pot in just a couple of years. Thank you. *Plant shown is Ever Red® Landscape Design, Expert Garden Ideas, Plant Combinations Color, Plant Combinations Texture, Expert Tips. Prized by gardeners for its sharp color contrast with other ornamental plants, Loropetalum chinense Purple Diamond® (Chinese Fringe Flower) is a bushy evergreen shrub of neat, compact habit with deep, rich purple leaves which retain their color and persist all year-round. The Glowing Horizons® loropetalum are a true gardener's plant with attributes that make them easy to grow. Has a very uniform shape and will mature at 6 feet tall and wide. Mulch plants to maintain consistent moisture and to control weeds. Plant the Crimson Fire Loropetalum anytime of the year. Plant database entry for Fringe Flower (Loropetalum chinense 'Snow Panda') with 28 data details. Just take care to water more often when planting in summer. This plant is too big for its space, replace with loropetalum that will not outgrow area. Clipped boxwood is a classic pairing because of its smaller leaf, but don’t forget about colored foliage from a groundcover loropetalum (“Purple Pixie”) that offers an intriguing contrast. More like this Genus Loropetalum are evergreen, free-flowering, shrubs with star-shaped hairs. We do not share any collected information with any other sites or businesses. It can also pair well with ornamental grasses like Gulf Muhly or Society Garlic or Red Yucca. With some of the darkest foliage you’ll encounter in the genus Loropetalum, ‘Carolina Midnight’ is a great new introduction that will add some purple punch to the garden.The flowers are like dark fuchsia fireworks in a sky of purple. Below are a few suggestions: While generally used as an accent or specimen, blends well with other evergreens such as hollies. Prune after spring flowering period. ... Companion Plants: Princess Jaden™ Crapemyrtle. For more … I used to call golden euonymus a "gas station plant," until gas stations cleaned up their act and substituted plastic palms. See more ideas about Plant combinations, Southern living plants, Perfect plants. Soil: Plant in rich, well-draining soil that is amended with compost or other organic matter. These plants are hardy down to USDA zone 7, which means they can grow where temperatures do not drop below 0 degrees Fahrenheit. Cherry Blast Loropetalum Loropetalum chinense var. PERSONAL THOUGHTS ON THIS PLANT: Bulbine has an informal, wildflower sort of look. Perennials : Hostas and ferns are classic companions, as are cast iron plant, Brunnera, toad lilies, and Solomon’s seal. Use as foundation planting around outdoor living spaces, where you and the hummingbirds will enjoy it up close. 46. If you are willing to shear them regularly, the shrubs can be used in hedges; otherwise, they require little, if any pruning, making them low-maintenance plants. Copper plant or copperleaf, Acalypha wilkesiana, is not a reliable perennial here, but it can survive a frost-free winter, especially if the roots are well-mulched. Lush Garden Dream Garden Back Gardens Outdoor Gardens Outdoor Landscaping Landscaping Ideas Farmhouse Landscaping Flowering Shrubs Garden Theme. Sunshine Ligustrum, Evergreen Shrub, Bright Golden-Yellow Foliage: 9.25 in. Plant as a specimen or focal plant or add to a mixed bed. The maroon leaves add superb color contrast. Trim out dead and diseased branches. Although native to Japan and China, Nandina domestica, commonly called heavenly bamboo or sacred bamboo, thrives in … It is a great substitue for purple smoke bush ( Cotinus coggygria) in the South. Chinese fringe plants are tolerant of drought once established. This shrub combines showy pink flowers in spring with deep burgundy evergreen foliage and a pronounced weeping form. Plant in acidic to neutral, well drained soil. A layer of mulch around their root zones will help reduce competitive weeds and conserve moisture. This Loropetalum is the perfect centerpiece plant to build around. Spot into your shrub and perennial beds to make them pop with color. Gardenality is a gardening-centric site made by gardeners for gardeners with tools that enhance any gardening for the expert to the weekend gardener. Lightly shape as needed, or prune to desired size and shape. I just bought 3 "Ruby" Loropetalums which are supposed to get around 5' tall and wide. I soaked the rootball and planted it anyway and although it’s taken 9 months, it’s now looking fantastic, has quadrupled in size and is growing strongly. Uses for Loropetalum Shrubs. Plant in full sun to partial shade. The key to companion planting is selecting plants with similar cultural requirements. Purple Pixie® Loropetalum requires little if any pruning to keep its dense and mounding form. I'd like some suggestions for companion plants/shrubs for both behind and in front of these plants. Loropetalum shrubs are used in landscaping as specimen plants and in foundation plantings, for example. by Bero » Sat, 03 May 2003 23:38:45 . Loropetalum companion plantings. Browse 81 photos of Loropetalum. Noteworthy CharacteristicsGlossy, dark foliage; fuchsia colored flowers. Caring for Loropetalum plants is not difficult, and the plants are usually problem free. If you live in a climate where it gets very hot, plant your Loropetalum on the east side of your home where it will receive just a few hours of direct morning sun. The genus includes evergreen shrubs in the witch-hazel family from the Far East. Flowers are in clusters at the end of short branches, with thin, strap-like petals similar to those of their witch hazel relatives, and also produced in late winter and early spring Water more frequently when grown in containers or hanging baskets. Loropetalum belongs to the witch hazel family and consists of only three species. Other common names loropetalum 'Fire Dance' . Berob . The plants have unique flowers with strap-like petals in bright colors. Loropetalum chinense. This variety was introduced by Monrovia in 1994. Plants can be sheared a couple times during the active growth season for a more formal appearance.

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