cypress mulch for snakes

It is great for burrowing snakes and it is also easy to clean. Cat litter molds easily and contains a lot of dust. This makes the higher level of moisture of less concern for your snake’s health. It's attractive and has a pleasant but not overwhelming smell. Use these shavings with smaller snakes and those that don't need high humidity. Shop . They can dig around in the mulch and it retains humidity nicely. I currently use cypress mulch but am debating in switching to aspen. Location: reading uk. It provides your terrarium or vivarium that natural “forest floor” look while retaining moisture. All pet snakes have different requirements and preferences that must be accommodated. There's a reason that cypress mulch, and other substrates for that matter, that are designed and manufactured specifically for snakes are a tad more expensive. Zoo Med Aspen snake bedding is made from aspen wood shavings. It's more expensive but it lasts a while and its awesome for maintaining humidity easily with out molding! It's not a particularly decorative type of substrate, but it's very good for tight budgets. Posts: 1,156 cypress mulch. Location: reading uk. It hasn’t been heat treated, which allows the mulch to quickly absorb and attain moisture to provide humidity in the enclosure. Is Cypress Mulch and Other Types of Mulch Safe for Pets? r/snakes: Press J to jump to the feed. Snakes burrow in the sand, which seems like a positive thing, but there’s a risk that the snake will swallow sand particles. No other creatures provoke the feelings that snakes do. by Zoo Med 4.7 1,237 Currently unavailable See product details See what customers said about reptiles 5 out of 5 stars Verified Purchase. Paper towels are similar to newspaper with respect to their absorbency, cost, and convenience. Well, I do too!! However, ground walnuts do pose a risk of impaction. Great for snakes, amphibians, or tropical species of tortoises. Feed the snake outside of the cage so it doesn't eat any of the mulch by accident. Gopher Snake Pet Care Information and Advice for Beginners, Corn Snake Pet Care Advice and Tips for Beginners. Cypress mulch is a comfortable substrate for snakes. Many snake owners like to use cypress mulch, such as the Zoo Med Forest Floor Bedding from Amazon.com due to its ability to hold moisture well and maintain humidity levels inside the snake’s living environment. If a substrate gives off odors, has been treated with toxic chemicals or causes a risk for ingestion or impaction, it’s a bad option. However, you can shred paper to create fluffier bedding, which will be more suitable for snakes that enjoy burrowing. Depending on the processor, cypress leaves are also sometimes can be found along with the bark. Just wanted to get a feel for what everyone prefers for bedding for their snakes. If you are using carpet or aspen shavings, make sure that you spot clean regularly and do a complete change whenever needed. The best choice in my opinion is crushed coconut shell because it can hold a lot of moisture for a long period but it is very expensive. While paper towels are highly absorbent, they don’t offer much odor control. Pros: same as coconut husk fiber, a good alternative to cypress mulch. While paper towels and newspapers laid out flat are OK for baby garter snakes, they’re unsuitable for adults. As of this writing date no more snakes. Although free, newspaper does have shortcomings. Pros: same as coconut husk fiber, a good alternative to cypress mulch. I use keepers choice cypress mulch. Can you use regular garden mulch for bedding? Join Date: Jul 2010. Some companies dye shavings to produce different colors, or infuse the shavings with chlorophyll. r/snakes: Press J to jump to the feed. Ultra Citizen. Nomenclature. Snakes aren’t the only creatures that like cypress mulch. Often crushed or left in large nugget sizes, this aromatic material is sold in a variety of colors and is sometimes dyed red. They also like to burrow, so be sure to fill the tank with 1 to 2 inches of substrate.

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