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Water Heater Troubleshooting.pdf P a g e | 7 Version: 1.3 June 13, 2015 110V Wiring Diagram This diagram shows the electric flow on the back of the water heater, through the secondary switch, to the Hi-Limit/ECO, to the Thermostat, and then to the electric element. Find information related to the former Oceanair brand. If you are ready to order your next Atwood RV water heater , we are here to help. Switch on the electric then the propane and the propane immediately ignites and water heats quickly. To troubleshoot and repair an Atwood water heater, first identify the particular problems. Open a faucet to release pressure that is inside. I spoke with my contact at Dometic (who took on the Atwood water heaters) and they said that the DSI fault light on the switch for your Atwood RV Water Heater # AT94022 (GC10A-4E) will only come on for two reasons. A durable, powder-coated access door makes servicing the unit easy. Head to your caravan’s utilities bay and check the position of the water heater bypass lever. If you have an RV, chances are either your stove, your water heater, your cook top or all three were made by Atwood. This page was generated at 10:43 PM. Question: Excel 2007 - 28TRW - Atwood 6 gallon heater. The brand Dometic produces high-tech products, including refrigerators. Dometic uses state-of-the-art engineering and sells its products all over the world, so you know you are getting a high-quality water heater when you shop with us. Electric water heaters use either 120- or 240-volt power (240 volts is more common) to energize metal heating elements that protrude into the water heater tank through the side wall. Remove the square black cover to expose the RV water heater thermostat switches. There are a few ways you can troubleshoot the gas ignition on a Dometic refrigerator. Our products are complemented by a full range of spare parts and accessories, including conversion kits, replacement tanks and access doors. NOT PICTURED: Test for proper voltage on each side of the water heater element by touching one probe of your multimeter to each screw, while touching the other to common ground. Turn electric off and the propane goes off. If you have no hot water the first thing you need to do is check to see if you have gas flow and if the pilot light is on. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IyJW...ture=emb_title, Disclaimer: In general, this forum is intended to be a place for Grand Design owners to gather and exchange ideas regarding their use of and experiences with Grand Design products. If this does not fix the issues, additional RV water heater troubleshooting will be needed. check out the. - Electric works fine - worked fine when I checked it at home before my boondock camping trip. Without maintenance, Dometic RV refrigerators will not last as long as they should and will break down often. Consumer tools: warranty registration, service contracts, US dealer/service locator. Follow the above link to get to an article that discusses the issues related to the pilot light. Not heating water on electric possible causes and how to test. Same as with an electric water heater, you should first check the cold water inlet and hot water outlet pipes and connections to make sure they are not loose. Fueled by propane with a 12 volt DC ignition, firing up a hot shower has never been easier! Before doing any troubleshooting or repairs, turn off the ignition switch, and shut off the water supply to the water heater. Dometic™(Atwood) DFMD20 RV Mojave Propane Heater / Furnace - 20K Parts Breakdown This is a parts breakdown for the Dometic™ (Atwood) DFMD20 heater/furnace. Login-protected area for registered business users only. Email Address. Is there 120v nominal? All Safety Data Sheets (SDS) can be found on below link. It is best to … Marine Air Conditioning, Refrigeration & Sanitation Systems. There are some more expensive models that use electronic ignition. This database contains manuals for Dometic, Kampa, Mobicool & Waeco . Login area for service parts, B2B tools. - White. If there is no power on the yellow wire replace the board. Gas hot water heater troubleshooting always seems to start with the pilot light. We stand behind every product we offer and promise to give you the quality solutions you deserve. When the pilot light is out or won't stay on, you will not have hot water. We offer a broad range of products to meet your needs. RV Water Heater Troubleshooting No Hot Water. By Melissa Warner . The Dometic water heater (model GC6AA-10E) in our 2020 Imagine XLS 22MLE recently stopped functioning when on 110VAC. Of course it breaks now. 3. Dometic DM2652 refrigerator troubleshooting . I have Dometic HW heater model GC6AA-10E that quit running on gas. The latter option lets you omit the hot water system from your caravan’s plumbing, useful for when you don’t need to use it. Use the search box to browse our documents database and find documentation related to your product, such as installation and operating manuals, product drawings, quick start guides, technical data sheets and more. *Required input, ReCaptcha did not confim your submition as valid, Using HTML tags in text inputs is not allowed, How to order spare parts for your Dometic product, Locate your nearest service center or dealer, Download manuals to your Dometic products, Dometic media bank is a service primarily for Dometic business partners. Most gas hot water heaters us a pilot light to ignite the burner. This should be in the ‘normal’ position, and not the ‘bypass’ position. Dometic™ Atwood G6A-8E RV Propane Hot Water Heater - 6 Gal. If … 3. Common issues with Atwood water heaters include pilot outages, insufficient hot water, electrode problems and gas burner ignition issues. The switch opens if the water... OK. Incorporating advanced design... MSRP: $590.00 $515.00. The more details you add the quicker we can respond with an accurate answer. Below is a table of Dometic refrigerator troubleshooting system. 3109228.001 air conditioner pdf manual download. Despite being comprehensive, it is not possible for everyone to resolve the problems even if the recommended troubleshooting steps are adhered to stringently. How to Troubleshoot a Dometic RV Refrigerator; The Best Way to Clean Camper Canvas; Ways to Stay Cool When Tent Camping; How to Hook Up Travel Trailer to a Generator; Share on Facebook; Atwood Mobile has been manufacturing appliances for RVs since 1964. Turn off the water supply. Simply flick the switch to turn the water heater on or off. By no means is this an exhaustive guide highlighting every possible issue that you could face. These components prevent overheating by breaking the … This hot water system is lightweight and adaptable to gas or electric power sources and stores energy while driving in order for usage once you’ve stopped. E6: Open circuit Humidity Sensor (Select Models). Trailer Life and MotorHome magazines' Bob Livingston and Bill Gehr cover the workings and troubleshooting techniques of your RV heating system. Water Heaters. Click here to copy a static link. If this is your first visit, be sure to Our Mojave furnace keeps you and your passengers warm while its freezing outside, while the Proheat coolant heater preheats the engine to ensure quick, reliable starts and reduced engine wear. Turn off the water heater and let the water cool down. 5 BUTTON COMFORT CONTROL CENTER SYSTEM. Switch on propane and nothing happens - no attempt to ignite - no sound from unit. Problem Check/Remedial action; Refrigerator too cold • Dislocated thermistor bracket. Add to Cart. Gas Water Heater Troubleshooting (click to enlarge) Water Leaking From the Top. Subscribe to our newsletter. Any information contained in the forum should be independently verified by checking with Grand Design, one of its authorized dealers, or reviewing your owner’s manual. Dometic refrigerators are a popular model in RVs, and can run off of gas or electricity if the gas doesn't work. If your water heater is producing hot water, but not enough of it, your unit could be too small to meet the household's hot water demand. Specifications. All times are GMT-5. Please include the year, make and model of your GDRV ("2019 Reflection 315RLTS") along with the make and model of the component with the issue ("Dometic RM1350 refrigerator", "Furrion FMCM15-BL microwave", etc) in your question. - plenty of propane - all valves open - stove burners and fridge working fine - when you turn it on with gas you can hear it go through 3 cycles and then shutoff. Look for the DCI lights on the panel and if they are lit you will need to go outside and push the reset buttons on the water heater. Yes, … How to Troubleshoot a Suburban DSI Water Heater. With the water heater not up to temperature and the electric switch on there should be a nominal 12v at the yellow wire on the control board - it is the second wire from the bottom of the six pin connector. **Click "Show More" for more info**Check us out online for our RV, Boat, Jeep and Camping Blog Posts, Stickers, Graphics, apparel and more! Most water heaters have two heating elements—one near the top of the tank, another located further down. Troubleshooting Propane/Electric Atwood 6 Gallon Water Heater. When conducting your RV water heater troubleshooting steps for this unit you will want to locate the control panel. Incorporating advanced design concepts, The Dometic Atwood Water Heater is one of the most efficient, versatile heaters available for recreation vehicles, making it easier than ever to travel with the comforts of home. TIPS FOR COMPLETING THIS FORM: Please fill out as many fields as possible. For example, a 40-gallon water heater is properly sized for a demand of 30 gallons. If there is power at the yellow wire, go to the back of the water heater, carefully check voltage at the element. Electricity heats the metal loops on the elements, which then heats the surrounding water. The Dometic Atwood water heater delivers hot water in less than thirty minutes. Add to Cart. Troubleshoot Electric Water Heater and Replace Thermostat. The water heater should have 75 percent of its capacity as hot water. View and Download Dometic 3109228.001 troubleshooting manual online. Copy static link. Subscribe to the Panther RV Products Newsletter for exclusive sales, new product updates, and blog posts! A simple flip of the switch from inside the coach turns this water heater on or off. Heat pump, furnace heat strip and fan can continue to operate. Check to see if the tank and system are full. Dometic™ Atwood 91447 RV Water Heater E.C.O. If the pilot light is on, there could be a problem with the thermocouple. Make sure the demand does not exceed the capacity of the water heater. Keep up with all relevant recall information. The first reason is that the water heater has attempted to ignite and failed, while the second reason is that the ECO has become an open circuit. Air conditioner and dehumidification will be locked out. Easy to install and available in a wide range of capacities, Dometic water heaters are reliable, user-friendly and economical. The thermocouple may need to be cleaned or replaced. Note that the black wire is hot, and the white wire goes to neutral. A faulty or loose temperature and pressure relief valve or inlet valve may also be the cause of leak. I hereby consent to having Dometic store and process the submitted data for the purpose of fulfilling my inquiry Dometic™ (Atwood) 91386 RV Water Heater Exterior Access Door - 6 Gal. Clip thermistor bracket to last fin on right side of cooling flange and center vertically on fin. It may not be recognizing that the pilot light is on and therefore will not ignite the gas. If you’re looking for market-leading heating performance, you’re in the right place. This Atwood RV water heater troubleshooting guide discusses the common problems people face and how they can be resolved. This is a replacement hot water heater for your RV. High Temperature Shut-Off The E.C.O Thermostat is a closed switch that sends voltage to the solenoid valve. Dometic. Heat pump, furnace, heat strip and fan operation can continue to operate but displays the last temperature set-point.

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