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Thank you! Very easy and worthwhile recipe. It might be the best-tasting pumpkin pie I’ve ever had and I love the crust! I don’t have any molasses. Can you please tell me the recipe? Please come back soon! As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases. Is it on this site and is it Keto friendly? It was perfect for me! The baking time can vary a bit depending on your oven and pan, but it’s a custard so will be very jiggly when it’s done and needs to finish setting in the fridge. Hi Yvonne, I would love to help you troubleshoot, but I need a little more information. No cracks. First pumpkin pie we’ve ever tried and this gets 5 stars! 5 Stars! Did I do something wrong? I don’t use the molasses. 🙂. Use the buttons below to buy my new Besti sweeteners and Wholesome Yum keto ingredients, developed by me personally! Open them without flipping or shaking the can. And the crust! What a great recipie! This was good!! AND I DID! I made one to try the recipe out before Thanksgiving and I expected it to be about 50% pumpkin pie like, but it’s about 95% exactly like traditional pumpkin pie. This pumpkin pie recipe is so delicious even your relatives with the worst carb addictions will love it. Just made this pie for 2018 Thanksgiving and I must say it taste just like the old pie I would make. Just perfect:). It’s baking now…. I’m wondering if it’s because my eggs weren’t room temperate? (Learn about net carbs here.) I have no issue with the servings and simply up the nutrition if I want a generous 8 servings 😉. It should still jiggle a bit in the center, like a custard before it sets.). It will fully set after chilling. 5 from 1 vote. If you don’t want it to be low carb, I would suggest using the Libby’s recipe. With the holidays coming up, you’ll need a good sugar-free pumpkin pie recipe! Crust Options For Keto Pumpkin Pie. Where I live they don’t have pumpkin in a can. YES, also email me a printable keto food list (over 230 foods)! To reduce the chance of cracking your low carb pumpkin pie, you can bake the pie in a water bath. I baked it for 45 min. This looks like a great recipe, thank you! It is so good. I’m going to make it 2 days in advance. Hi Tammie, Your pie should not be fully set. In a medium bowl whisk together coconut flour, sweetener and salt. I made this yesterday and served it for dessert… everyone RAVED! I didn’t at all feel like I was missing out! Add the butter and cream cheese and pulse until the mixture is very crumbly with pea-size pieces of butter. Hi Danielle, You can bake the pie as directed, let it set and chill. (Check on it occasionally, and if you see the crust start to brown, cover the crust edge with foil and return to the oven until the filling is done. I’m sure it still tastes delicious! I made my own crust using butter, a mix of coconut and almond flours, a little oil, eggs, and sweetener. The first slice is a little more difficult, but it’s easier after that. I followed the instructions exactly and baked as directed and it’s like a baked pie crust with canned pumpkin in the middle. Bake until the center appears … When serving, how do you remove the parchment paper from the individual slices of pie without making a big mess of the pie? I have yet to perfect the crust though. Remove top sheet of parchment paper and gently flip the crust into the prepared pie plate. You’d be better off trying coconut cream if you can’t have dairy heavy cream. Thank you Maya…you NEVER disappoint!! Other than that, the only real trick to keto pumpkin pie is just like the regular kind – do not over bake it. Check this sweetener conversion chart for amounts. Best Keto Pumpkin Pie Recipe - How To Make Keto Pumpkin Pie Lightly grease 8-9 inch pie plate and set aside. The molasses is for flavor. ¾ cup pumpkin puree. The bake times are guidelines, as every oven can vary slightly in temperature with hot and cold spots. I live a keto lifestyles, my sister-in-law is strict on gluten-free and dairy-free, and my brother-in-law is sugar-free. Coconut cream should work fine. Only swap was I made a pecan pie crust instead of almond flour. Your the best and so is this pumpkin fall delight. Click on the times in the instructions below to start a kitchen timer while you cook. Rather than come up with and take the time to make a keto crust, I decided to go crustless! Definitely line the bottom with parchment paper. 1 tbsp granulated erythritol. I LOVE This pumpkin pie! I used 200 gram oven-fresh pumpkin that I baked in the oven until soft (for the whole recipe it should be 400 grams). Keto Pumpkin Pie is a holiday classic and the true staple of autumn. And so, beautifully spiced and incredibly flavorful, you’ll find that this keto … That way, the crust won’t burn. I did have an issue with the consistency of the filling and I think it was the coconut cream substitution. I would prefer the stevia as it doesn’t have calories & I have it on hand. The pie was good using my substitutions but mostly crust and mild flavor. When the pie crust is done baking, reduce the oven temperature to 325 degrees F (163 degrees C). Thank you for another wonderful recipe! Thank you for linking to these products – I had no idea that there were brands of almond flour that were so low in carbs – I have been sticking with coconut flour since I thought the almond flour was too high for our macros. Hi, I love this recipe but wonder how you calculate the net carbs… in both the chronometer and my fitness pal I get net 14 carbs… Can’t figure out what I’m doing wrong…. Can I make this pie a couple of days ahead? I’ll be out of town for Thanksgiving and would love to take this with me. 🙂. It should be jiggly in the center, and sets more as it cools and then chills. So today, I’m bringing you a brand new recipe for keto pumpkin pie custard cups. Hi Nikki, Yes, an egg replacement should work fine with this recipe. You read that right. I will definitely make it again and again. Readers also made these similar recipes after making this one. Made this recipe yesterday- I wanted to test it out before making it for actual Thanksgiving- and I cannot even tell you how big of a hit it has been. I’ll bet i could use 1/2 – 3/4 of the sweetener. I love your recipes! Thanks. I’m always leery because I’ve seen low carb recipes that sound good and end up throwing the whole thing away. It turned out wonderful! Rude or inappropriate comments will not be published. It will keep well in the refrigerator. The pie filling moved away from the back of the crust and the filling was a bit too loose. Pie can be refrigerated overnight. Almond flour and coconut flour can be used interchangeably for the crust. I just pulled mine from the oven! My keto pumpkin pie filling starts with a can of 100% pure pumpkin. It’s a custard, so it will not fully set until after you refrigerate it. I’d like to make this again but have a more solid/firm pie. This will be my fall pumpkin pudding dessert until further notice! Soooooo happy to have this recipe just in time for the holidays. Share your recipe picture with @wholesomeyum or #wholesomeyum on Instagram or in our Facebook support group, too - I'd love to see it! Can I sub half and half or almond milk for the cream? Nobody found out it was low carb. But the crust was awesome! Please help. The whole thing turned out wonderfully. Thank you, This is a good recipe. Now that you know about the health benefits of this pumpkin pie, it’s time to dig into the recipe. Thank you for this recipe. It was awesome!!! Tastes + acts like sugar! Enjoy! I skipped the crust entirely and baked it in a greased (buttered) glass baking dish. Thank you so much! My question is- who the heck cuts a pie, a 9 inch pie in 12 pieces?! It will make it more crust like. Prepare keto pumpkin pie filling. Hi Kasia, Yes, you can make this pie a couple of days in advance. I made a double batch for 2 pies. RECIPE TIPS + VIDEO in the post above, nutrition info + recipe notes below! I made this as is using the almond flour crust, and left out the back strap molasses as I didn’t have any. I put 1 level tablespoon of the crust into each one. Hi, we made this pie last night and it was delicious. I stuck a knife in like I usually do for pumpkin pie and it doesn’t come out clean. Course: Dessert. Happy Thanksgiving! Keto Pumpkin Pie Custard. Join 120,000 others to get a FREE keto food list, plus weekly keto recipes! The good news is, it was actually really easy to make a pumpkin pie recipe sugar-free. I’m making this tonight. The version I came up with uses common ingredients, which is nice. The top will be all cream, which you can then skim off. You can swap it with your favorite crust if you prefer a different one. Thanks! So everything turned out perfect? Or coconut sugar? It was a complete hit; nobody could tell it was Keto. Your email address will not be published. Please DO NOT COPY/PASTE recipe instructions to social media or websites. Hi Patricia, Coconut cream is great to replace any dairy application. This pumpkin pie is the best dessert ever. You could also bake the pie in a water bath to reduce chances of cracking. But what could I have done wrong? As with other custards, it will finish setting as it cools. Any suggestions? I sometimes do 1/4 cup coconut yogurt, and 1/4 unsweetened almond milk instead of the half cup of heavy cream. Spongy keto & low-carb pumpkin pie melts in your mouth, leaving behind that special taste only a good pumpkin pie can leave. Click the links below to see the items used to make this recipe. Will be easy to in a healthy way. YAY, YOU'RE IN! Hi Amy, I recommend blanched almond flour. After you confirm, you'll receive a link to the Members Area where you can download the book, plus I'll email you the quick start guide! Get classic holiday dishes and seasonal favorites, all made low carb, absolutely FREE! Some ovens can vary with temperatures and some have hot and cold spots. Tapped out the air and baked for around 30 minutes. Could hardly tell it wasn’t made with a standard pie crust and sugar. Serving size in recipe notes above. I just put this together and about to pop in in the oven. Still somewhat jiggly in the center, but hopefully it will cook while it rests and be just right! It’s in a 9.5 in glass pie plate. I made the filling to recipe but used the same sucralose as in the crust. I got it… my Lakanato Monkfruit Powdered sweetener had to be entered manually, It was not subtracting sugar alcohols… Thank you, That was bugging me but now it matches your nutrition…. Complicated desserts are just not for me. From the filling to the pie crust the entire recipe is ketogenic. I am not familiar with the almond cooking milk you referred to, so I don’t know the consistency or thickness of it. We are allergic to eggs. Posted September 27, 2017 in categories: Keto Low Carb Desserts Keto Low Carb Pumpkin Recipes Keto Low Carb Recipe Videos, Your email address will not be published. The past couple of times I’ve made it 2 things have happened. Yes! Anyway, the flavor is incredible so I’d love to hear your feedback to get it right next time. You say above the recipe that either Swerve (1:1) or Lakanto (2:1) is fine for this recipe. Hi! I doubled the filling recipe and it was pretty thick. This takes it to a whole new level! Are you making everything pumpkin yet? Also, when I put the pie in the fridge, I noticed the top had a thin while layer on it. Did I miss something? Very good recipe! Thank you so much for this recipe! We try to be accurate, but feel free to make your own calculations. And since each one is 1/24 of the recipe, they are only 2g net carbs each! I added up carb counts on all my ingredients… And I am getting a total carb count of 24g for 12 slices. That being said, I can’t be liable since usually it’s best to refrigerate, so use your best judgement. Of course, I’ve already made the crust. Hi Tammie, The pie should not fully be set when you pull it from the oven. Hi Linda! Hi Erica, No, that is actually too long. Hi Tonya, Sure! Hi Whitney, I can’t comment on other recipes, only the time that this recipe takes. Very tasty. Hi Susan, Yes, it includes the crust. My advice to others trying it …make sure to roll out the dough and then place on the pie plate. Will it still be ok? Thank you so much for your awesome recipes! This is what I do all the time and it’s plenty for people I’ve served it for – the pie is quite rich. Cut the pumpkin in half, scoop out the seeds, score the outside with a knife, and roast at 350 degrees F. The bake time will vary with the size of your pumpkin, but you’ll know when it’s done when you can easily pierce the outside of the pumpkin with a fork.

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