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Since Jatropha is inedible, it does not compete with food crops. Please am in need of your help. Thank you, Can I use red jatropha along side with my HIV drugs, Can I drink red jatropha with small pinch of salt to get pregnant easily. The multiple traditional uses of Jatropha curcas, as medicinal, nonfood-vegetable oil and auxiliary plant, have been well exploited in the tropics and subtropics for hundreds of years. Agaceta, L.M., Dumag, P.U., and Batolos, J.A. Any more than this is dangerous. Can Jatropha leaves be squeezed with water and drink or grind together with honey and lick. will it help for someone with a foot ulcer.....they have had it a couple of years....it gets better and then opens up again after a couple of months? Curcas curcas publ Curcas drastica Mart. What are the side effects if roast Jatropha seeds and drink them for cleaning the bowels or diarrehea? Investigation of the agronomic and medicinal potential of other Jatropha species would be valuable as well. Create lists, bibliographies and reviews: or Search WorldCat. Good morning,pls can we use jatropha carcus seeds as a cause of family planning, Can Jatropha carcus Linn or any other Jatropha cure Tuberculosis kindly explain pls sir, Please Dr, can I get your contact and chat with you privately. Jatropha acerifolia Salisb. In Gabon, a leaf-decoction is considered good for cleansing the kidneys and releasing bile. Have been using drugs but no improvement. Why do you want to give this tea to children? A resin is also present in the seed and this is carried over with the oil in extraction. Curcas lobata Splitg. Seeds of jatropha (Jatropha curcas) are used worldwide to produce biodiesel and the oil extraction generates a high amount of waste called seed cake. Jatropha curcas has been touted as a wonder plant. Jatropha NBM and MC seeds • Seeds were sterilized (rinsing with sterile water between steps) utilizing: –Tween-20 and 10% Bleach –0.1% Mercury Chloride • Seeds were plated: –On JEG5 media –10 embryos per plate –Incubated in light 4 Jatropha Embryo Germination The name Jatropha curcas was first used by Linnaeus, and although there are a number of synonyms this name is still valid today. The oil is indifferent for lubrication of machinery owing to the speed with which it dries, but it is good for candle and soap manufacture. Only Mexican cultivars can be non-toxic sometimes, but the true origin needs to be confirmed and preserved accurately. In The Gambia the leaves are used to make a mouth wash. MODERN RESEARCH HAS SUPPORTED THE TRADITIONAL USES. Jatropha curcas Fruits Leaves Whole PlantBark Husks Erosion control Hedge plant Shelter plant for other crops Organic fertilizer Rodent repellent Medicinal uses Seeds Kernels Fuel Mulch Biogas Medicinal uses Kernels Shells Oil (Biolipid) Triglycerides Seed Cake or Expeller Cosmetics Soap production Watch how jaggery is made on YouTube) and natural honey and mix. Can this plant (jatropha) be used to cure HIV and if yes,how? Dear Cecilia. The bark is commonly used in the Philippine Islands as a fish-poison where the plant bears the same name as Derris (Leguminosae: Papilionoideae). BACKGROUND: Jatropha curcas is an oil-bearing plant, and has seeds with high oil content (~ 40%). For that you will have to share other symptoms as well . Jatropha curcas has been used in the woollen industry in England and in the preparation of Turkey Red. please my sister of 38 years ate jathropha roasted seeds immediately she got a reaction of vomiting, stooling and weakness is the the seed that dangerous need a reply as soon as possible. Shrub or tree to 6 m, with spreading branches and stubby twigs, with a milky or yellowish rufescent exudate. The seed oil is not edible as it contains toxic compounds. I just heard about Jatropha and I want to know if it can help and how. Screening of higher plants for biological activity. Curcas curcas (L.) Britton & Millsp. Pounded leaves are applied to sluggish ulcers, and the sap of dried leaves is applied direct to cuts and bleeding wounds as a styptic. Traditionally, it is used for the manufacture of candles and soap, as lamp oil and as fuel for cooking. In Southern Nigeria, they are a remedy for jaundice, applied by rectal injection. Figure 1. It is useful in treating snakebite, paralysis, dropsy, and apparently some cancers. Please where can I get Jatropha seed for planting purpose. Hi dear im hiv postive also can you please tell me how you used the directions also did you do any diet instructions during the jatropha please help may i have your email please thank you so much. For immediate application after snake-bite, sap from the leaf is recommended in Ghana. Yes you can, am a Ghanaian and can help you get some . For emergency use herbalists recommend that leaves be charred and powdered and held in store. Though native to America, the species is almost pantropical now; it is widely planted as a medicinal plant which soon tends to establish itself.

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