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Very intriguing that the 3 gems on the calamity box are in the poster probably as a sign of the girls and amphibia kingdoms clashing/meeting again. 1 being how Stan finally scared … Sprig being a cold-blooded frog vs. Anne being a warm-blooded human meant the room temp would definitely be a big issue. Revisions were done by Janine Chang. She came to us with such an adorable tune that we just had to incorporate it into the episode. It’s more likely than you think. WE HAVE BEEN WAITING 3 YEARS FOR THIS OKAY. Kudos to Jack Ferraiolo, who wrote this one with me, for making this episode an absolute blast.”. For example: Sprig can go a little mad at times. He had complete faith that the audience wouldn’t be thrown off by it, and he was absolutely right. Props by Andy Gonsalves. Amphilbia summary . It was ambitious and a bit risky, but essential to establishing the world and characters the way he wanted. It’s also funny watching that first episode and getting a glimpse of the Plantars pre-Anne, knowing that they’re missing a vital part of their family and don’t even know it yet.”, - Story Editor/Co-producer Jack Ferraiolo. Amphibia is an American animated television series created by Matt Braly and produced by Disney Television Animation for Disney Channel.The series features the voices of Brenda Song, Justin Felbinger, Bill Farmer, and Amanda Leighton.It premiered on June 17, 2019. This is the first episode boarded by Jenn Strickland and Steve Wolfhard, two board artists who I deeply admire and geek-out over regularly. (For example, Matt’s pretty ambivalent about pineapple pizza, but he wrote the bit in part because he knew my opinion on it was… less ambivalent. Created and executive produced by Annie Award winner Matt Braly (Gravity Falls), the series is inspired by his heritage, family … It was their first board on the show and they did an amazing job together. Tags. De Matt Braly Avec Tom Kenny Nationalité U.S.A. Chaîne d'origine Disney Channel US. BGs by Ian Worrel, Daniaelle Simonson, Phillip Vose, Sunjae Lee, Joey McCormick, Elle Michalka, Jules Itzkof: That’s it for “Taking Charge!” See you next time! I'm mostly into Pokemon, western animation, and certain indie games. Check out this side by side comparison of board panel to final picture: The scary Lampreys were designed by Joe Sparrow, who always gave us fun color options with his rough sketches. Revisions were done by Kim Roberson, Steve Wolfhard, Silver Paul, and Nate Maurer. When we decided to use this premise much later, it was retooled in production by Gloria Shen, who added some amazing touches like Hop Pop’s monologue about “Charlie Big Bottom.”. Dirigida por Matt Braly Reparto Tom Kenny Nacionalidad EE.UU. This was further developed, later at board. You’ll be shocked to learn that the looping texture in Anne’s hair was created completely with practical effects. Tumblr is a place to express yourself, discover yourself, and bond over the stuff you love. - the island Anne finds herself and Amphibia takes place on is shaped like a lilypad. Matthew Benjamin "Matt" Braly is a Filipino-American writer, animator, storyboard artist, director, and voice actor. It can be intimidating writing characters for the first time but Anne, Sprig, Hop Pop, everyone was so fleshed out, even at that stage, so it felt more like fun than work. Orbtus384. From there we reverse engineered the story into a “whodunit” where the family became addicted to binge-watching TV - a concept that should NOT exist at all in Amphibia. He had complete faith that the audience wouldn’t be thrown off by it, and he was absolutely right. Matt Braly (@Radrappy) on Twitter. “Sometimes you write an episode to serve a greater narrative need, sometimes you write to satisfy a pet peeve! Props by Andy Gonsalves. Artwork by Joe Sparrow, Erik Elizarrez, Brandon Wu, Andy Gonsalves, Daniaelle Simonson, and Carol Wyatt: It was important to us that the human world feel relatively drab compared to Amphibia. If you look closely at the exterior, you can see that the building is in the shape of Loggle’s own head. To that end I think Kat and Kyler did a great job keeping things light and fun regardless of the heavy topic. In this conversation. “Matt had the brilliant idea to start “Anne or Beast” from Sprig’s point of view, then switch mid-episode to Anne’s. Soooooo… That Daycare/Combat training course dude… That’s how Sasha got Anne roped into their friendship, only in a shorter time span, isn’t it? It’s also worth noting that this is the first episode to feature painted portraits like the one of Hop Pop with his cane. This inspired him to get into animation so that he can tell his own stories. writeroffanfiction said: I just realized something Anne is the paladin Sasha the fighter and Marcy is the Ranger. Matthew "Matt" Braly is series director for Big City Greens .. About The Staff. This episode is unique in that it has Sprig singing a song on his fiddle as the family quests along. Props by Andy Gonsalves and color styling by Daniaelle Simonson, Ian Worrel, and Carol Wyatt: The big challenge for this episode was figuring out how the world would look like during Anne and Hop Pop’s “trip.”  Elle Michalka, one of our painters, settled on something really nice: trippy but with a restrained palette. Who steal a frog music box and transported to another world. Here’s an excerpt of a pivotal scene from Best Fronds: This episode was boarded by Hannah Ayoubi and Aaron Austin. The only thing more impressive than their individual abilities is how well they compliment each other. This is the first time we see Sprig’s room, and it fits him perfectly–the hammock bed, the terrariums, the hanging model dragonflies. The other stuff goes here. I credit this success in part to the amazing team of board artists we had for this episode: Cheyenne Curtis and Drew Applegate. Creator/EP of Disney's Amphibia and cat worshiper Later, when we moved the script from development to production, we realized it would be better to tell it from Anne’s POV, so we could show her becoming a more integral part of the Plantar family. Plus the added perk of being able to do a story about Anne having a pet, meant I could pull on my own experiences as well, which made for a great episode that I’m really proud to have worked on. It was one of the first episodes boarded so we were still finding our voice. The sequence where Anne and Sprig meet for the first time will always be one of my favorites: This episode was key in terms of introducing our core cast as well as some of the creatures that inhabit Amphibia. Photo. TVA had decided to move development to a new office space, so Matt and I were forced to share a smallish office. All posts. This made the cuts back and forth between the real world and the trip very easy to track. Work by Ian Worrel, Sun Jae Lee, Phillip Vose, Amanda Winterstein, and Elle Michalka. When you wanna practice the style of the show but also have Sashannarcy feels while listening to Yellowcard’s version of Christmas Lights and All Time Low’s Fools Holiday, My girlfriend’s back and you’re gonna get in trouble~. Your one stop shop for all things related to the production of Disney Channel's new show, Amphibia! But overanalyzing ain't one of them | Marcy Wu stan | Turtle/bat lover | Can't think straight | A OK at flirting | biggest muddle-head | Lovely Amphibia Side Blog: @absolutely-correct-amphibia, shorter as in sasha and anne probably knew for a longer time than just three days. - Matt Braly. Tumblr is a place to express yourself, discover yourself, and bond over the stuff you love. Log in Sign up. This song was actually written by Leslie Wolfhard, Steve’s wife! Here’s an excerpt of a pivotal scene from Best Fronds: Storyboards. That should do it for “Best Fronds!” Next up is “Cane Crazy!” Thanks and have a good one. In the writers room, everyone was excited about this episode because it goes to an insanely fun place, with teapots for heads and fighting off corn monsters with power ups. Anne’s swimsuit was specifically designed to feel athletic and cool. - According to Matt Braly, Anne Boonchuy's ethnicity is Thai-American just like him. The show follows two friends from different places. Log in Sign up. Most of Anne and Sprig’s quirks were directly inspired my personal experiences. For him, the process of bg design and paint are often combined. This was an important episode in terms of finding out how the characters would behave around each other during the status quo. It was a delicate thing to balance as we never wanted the situation to seem too sad. Not only that but the monstrous moth version of Domino 2 strikes a wonderful balance of creepy and cool: This episode also has some of my favorite special poses: Props by Andy Gonsalves and color styling by Daniaelle Simonson, Ian Worrel, and Carol Wyatt! 1.5M ratings 277k ratings See, that’s what the app is perfect for. It meant we had arrived in a way - that we could always at least point to this episode if we were having trouble in the future. Orbtus384 Hi! Images of Anne Boonchuy from Amphibia. Frog dang where do I even START with this episode’s boards. The water snake in this episode was designed by Brandon Wu. 25.08.2019 - The latest Tweets from Matt Braly (@Radrappy). Designs by Brandon Wu and Andy Gonsalves with colors by Daniaelle Simonson and Carol Wyatt. Leopold Loggle the woodsmith was created to steer Anne to the Doomtree, but we wanted him - and all our side characters - to feel like real people with their own lives, personalities, and quirks. It feels like a real show: BG wise, the team got to stretch their legs with a location that feels nothing like our normal setting. For a long while, their story arc wasn’t working, but once I landed on the idea of them complaining in similar ways (Anne with: “where I’m from” and Hop Pop with: “back in my day”), both stuck living in the past, rather than focusing on what they have in the present, things finally clicked and fell in place.”.

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