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Showing in Conformation, Agility and Water Work. I am a family operated kennel in the beautiful town of Saint Lazare, Quebec. Fully Registered with the CKC. Read more about Portuguese Water Dog Training. Portuguese Water Dogs The Portuguese Waterdog is one of the oldest recognized breeds of dog and is the predecessor of many other dogs throughout North America. Grooming. It is known in Portugal as the Cao de Agua or “dog of water.” Portuguese Water Dogs can make good pets in Canada if they match your IifestyIe. Ondulado kennels, located just outside of Orillia, Ontario, breed Portuguese Water Dogs for good character, superior intelligence, trainability and strong health genetic background. PORTUGUESE WATER DOGS OUT ON THE MIRA. Campbellford, Ontario Tel. Photographs and pedigrees of their adult dogs and puppies, description of breeding program, breed profile. SailorMoon Kennels is a small family oriented kennel in Harrow, Ontario, Canada which is located near Windsor, just across the river from Detroit, Michigan. The Portuguese Water Dog was originally used by Portuguese Fisherman to retrieve equipment that was lost overboard and was even known to “herd” fish into the nets, which made them very valuable fishing companions. The Portuguese Water Dog once lived all along Portugal’s coast, and was used to herd fish into nets, retrieve lost tackle, and act as a messenger between ships and shore. Non-allergenic, non-shedding, PWDs love water and have a steady temperament. Jennifer is a member of the Portuguese Water Dog Club of Canada and America as well as a member in good standing with the Canadian Kennel Club. The Portuguese Water Dog has a profuse coat covering the whole body evenly, except for under the arms and groin where it is thinner. Taking care of a dog is a responsibility that often requires continuous expense. The parents have all their health clearances. The Portuguese water dog is a medium-sized dog with a soft and fluffy single layer coat that does not shed significantly, making them a preferred breed among those who suffer from allergies.They’re working dogs and are generally friendly, loving, and intelligent.They pick up training and obedience skills quickly and because of this, Portuguese water dogs make great service animals. ... Ontario… Puppies are seen by a vet, vaccinated, dewormed and microchipped. Look at pictures of Portuguese Water Dog puppies who need a home. Portuguese Water Dogs are smart and need firm, consistent training. Portuguese Water Dog and Puppies From Ontario Breeders by DogsNow.com, part of the EquineNow.com, LLC group of websites. About PWD’s. Portuguese Water Dogs are wonderful with children, get along well with other dogs, and can be socialized to tolerate cats. This breed is not hypoallergenic. Your answers will permit us to more effectively match a puppy’s needs with your life-style and requirements. Prices can vary depending on the course and the fee each trainer may charge. I have been involved with the Portuguese Water Dog breed for many years now. Two varieties of coat exist: Wavy: The hair is fairly long, wavy and rather loose with a slight sheen. Be sure to fill our puppy questionnaire to get the process started.. We raise our Portuguese Water Dog puppies in a loving environment, with lots of kids and other animals to get the pups used to the busy, new homes that they will be placed in. December 16, 2020 A photo was added to the gallery. Shedding. This is Sharmink's Fritz Junior, along with Sharmink's Kaiser (Tuck), who will be the future fathers of our litters. We live on a big country acreage in a small town in Eastern Ontario. He’s definitely a water dog – he is constantly wandering into the lake at our cottage! Portuguese Water Dogs have a tousled coat that requires regular brushing, and also a considerable amount of trimming and clipping. Can Ch. We first fell in love with the breed in 1992. We are breeders of Portuguese Water Dogs, located in Millbrook, Ontario Canada. NEWS. Seabury Portuguese Water Dogs Breeding for temperament, health and structure. We have been breeding Portuguese Water Dogs with our family since 2002. Portuguese Water Dogs are wonderful with children, get along well with other dogs, and can be socialized to tolerate cats. We have pets that live in our house, go walking off leash in the forest with us and our horses, skis, ATV's, snowmobiles or however else we are out. Portuguese Water Dogs at Ricelake - our dogs - Portuguese Water dog breeder in Ontario, CKC Redg., Ch. British Columbia, Canada. Find Portuguese Water Dog Puppies and Breeders in your area and helpful Portuguese Water Dog information. The breed was brought to United States in the late 1960’s and is now becoming more known in Canada. The Portuguese Water Dog is a loyal, loving dog that makes a wonderful family companion. Our first dog, ‘Motes’ lived to 15+ years. Welcome to Mika. Ontario Portuguese Water Dog, Puppies are raised in the house. Kyessiline Kennels is a proud member of CKC of this intelligent and loyal breed: the Portuguese Water Dog. Email us for information about our planned breedings for 2021. Our puppies are active in all disciplines including waterwork, agility, obedience, therapy and conformation. The wait list for puppies is full. At 10 months old, he won his first group placement, going 4 th in group at the Kars Dog Club. Waiting list for 2020 is full We are located in Heidelberg, Ontario Canada. So you think you might like to add a Portuguese Water Dog to your family? Portuguese Water Dog Rescue Information: The Portuguese Water Dog is a loyal, loving dog that makes a wonderful family companion. Breed Standard; Activities. For over two thousand years the Portuguese Waterdog would work alongside Portuguese fishermen climbing ropes, delivering messages from boat to boat, and keeping the fish in the nets. I first called Lorraine two years ago, when I began researching the Portuguese Water Dog, as an addition to our family. Menu. Complete list of Portuguese Water Dog health problems. The word 'fado' is the word used for the Portuguese traditional songs it also means 'fate'. All Portuguese Water Dog found here are from AKC-Registered parents. Acostar is a Portuguese water dog breeder located in Ottawa Ontario Canada. Water Work; Conformation; Agility; Obedience Benefits: Portuguese Water Dogs are loyal, intelligent and very friendly with people of all ages, including young children. He is full of energy and is as smart as a whip. As breeders of Portuguese Water Dogs (PWD) we wanted our kennel name to be of Portuguese origin as well as having significant meaning to us. Phone: Anna Kyessi (613) 674-5580 Website: www.kyessilinekennels.ca If so, please take the time to complete this questionnaire. Portuguese Water Dog Origin A strong swimmer and diver, the Portuguese Water Dog once was numerous all along Portugal’s coast where it worked with fishermen to get the fish into the nets, retrieving gear from the water and carrying messages from boat to boat or boat to shore. It is about 6 Kilometers from the City of Waterloo, 90 Kilometers East of … She won multiple Best in Shows, Reserve Best in Shows and Specialty Best in Shows. Milo ‎Hi Anna, ... and let you know how much we are enjoying Guinness. Anything Look…Weird? Portuguese Water Dogs are purebred, non-shedding, hypo-allergenic and are a medium breed. For the best experience, we recommend you upgrade to the latest version of Chrome or Safari. We started this website to get more exposure to our kennel and the Portuguese Water Dog breed. Breeding home raised, family friendly Portuguese Water Dogs. Acostar has ongoing litters of water dogs and puppies available for adoption. Occasional puppies, Canadian Portuguese water … Big Bay Reg'd Kennel Toronto, Ontario . She was followed by Schooner, Tikka, Saras, LouLou, Ruby, Nash, Franklin, Sophie, Taylor, Hunter, Rio, Bella, Oakley and Marsee. Check our website often for updated information and expected new dogs for sale. Contrary to what some breeders claim, the Portuguese Water Dog is NOT a good choice for people with allergies. Cancer is the number one cause of death in Portuguese Water Dogs. Dog training schools offer courses that cost around $125 for 1hr a day 6-week program of basic obedience training. Purebred Portuguese Water Dogs. Belouro’s Diamante, PWDCA AWD, WWD CKC Top Show Dog Awards 2004, 2010 Diamante sucessfully completes 3rd level PWDCA Water Work Title at the Nutmeg Water Trial, CT. USA : 705-924-2509 E-mail: c_reg_4@hotmail.com Website: www.portuguesewaterdogsatricelake.com We are a home based kennel where we provide an abundance of love and care towards our dogs. Portuguese Water Dogs at Ricelake. Click HERE to see it and a letter from a client has been added. We give a two year full refund or replacement guarantee. My litters are sparse and are always raised in my family/living room year around. My puppies are constantly surrounded by children and adults. FADO was our first Portuguese Water Dog, she is the dog depicted in our logo. The curly-coated Portuguese Water Dog is a working breed that is about as fun-loving and lively as any dog breed out there! Our girl Brownie, behind many of our wonderful dogs, was the #1 Portuguese Water Dog, #9 Working Dog in Canada in 2009, the #1 Portuguese Water Dog and #8 Working Dog in Canada in 2010. Portuguese Water Dogs . At the 2018 Portuguese Water Dog Club of Canada National Specialty, Atlas was awarded best puppy in Specialty and Reserve Dog in Specialty at only 8 months old. Registered breeder located in Ontario. Why buy a Portuguese Water Dog puppy for sale if you can adopt and save a life? But currently the most critical issue is heart disease, specifically cardiomyopathy, which can cause sudden death in puppies at 2-7 months old. Costs of Maintaining the Portuguese Water Dog. Sired puppies with full health guarantee.

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