the pressing stones are a symbol of:

Some have said that the “comb and mirror” designations reflect the matrilineal society of the Picts and perhaps denote the property, grave or other territory of a locally powerful female figure. These meaningful symbols can encourage a conversation and engage people to talk out their inner thoughts where sometimes they seem at a lost for words to express themselves. use the Bible as a from of a Code Book. The owl is a major symbol that is still used by the secret society, and they know it as the “Owl of Minerva.” The Draig Sidhe Path was founded by Parker J. Torrence, author of "Sea, Land, Sky: A Dragon Magick Grimoire".. Dragonhenge is an online community for those interested in learning more about Dragon Magick or connecting with others who follow the path of the Draconic Pagan. distinctive shadow symbol, with out this, your on the work track. The four symbols included in the Ollin glyph represent the four past suns that the Mexica believed the earth had passed through. Simple grave-markers - have a basic cross symbol. Some of these rocks may be close to the boulder, while others may be as far away as 50 to 75 feet or more. And at the very best, these maps will lead you to great treasures. The unique Pictish symbols were incised on the smoothest face of natural boulders. And the acceptance of a symbol depicts an accepted mindset. A bit of information here: The Dharma Wheel or Dharmacakra is the oldest symbol in Buddhism. Some of you have no doubt located the “W” monument at your site. It’s these smaller rocks that are actually giving you the information to all of the mines and treasure rooms in that specific area. It appears that no one is interested in the accurate translation, which is a Galactic one. Classic symbols of divinity—the lotus flower, Ganesha and the mandala—add glowing accents to the gemstones in 18k gold plate, while designs rooted in nature—mountain, stars, sun and moon—link the spiritual realm with the physical world. Welcome to the official site of the greatest rock’n’roll band in the world – the Rolling Stones – featuring all the latest news, tours and music. This interpretation of the letter T comes from a star formation, and in this formation you will find that this “T” is actually telling you that once you have located the diamond formation (the formation on the ground which is usually made up of large boulders, etc), that you must measure between two points of this diamond (the two points that you must measure from will be given to you either on a rock map found at the site or on a paper map). in the meantime , life happens and my freind now is married and has 4 kids and not much time for ole Mexico and the adventures of his youth.,.but some day he promises me that we will go once again in to the outback of Durango and look for this mountain and what it may hide. Mani stones. I came across the “Holy Listening Stone” teaching tool and was immediately fascinated by it. The “solution” that I will be discussing has to do with survey lines, or, as the book puts it, “treasure grids.” I came across the “Holy Listening Stone” teaching tool and was immediately fascinated by it. 21:20).1 Symbols in the stone The stone is which is symbolic of blood, sacrifice, blood atonement, the passing over The white stone and a new name. And folks, this is exactly how surveying pertains to treasure maps. When making a treasure map, there IS ALWAYS a beginning point given on the map. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. However, it represents Christ’s victory over sin and death, and translates to being a beacon of hope for Christians. The number 13 comes from the owl itself. If you gain anything from this post, I want to reflect upon the fact that you need to be aware of where you are in your pursuit of the treasure that you seek. As I dig into other website and uncover more of Digns wisdom, I will make additions ( in this section)to this very post. It was considered as a symbol of friendship but now it has become a fashion choice. This depends, of course, on your own ability to decipher these rocks and the symbols that are carved on them. Gustave Courbet, The Stone Breakers, 1849. ( Log Out /  At the time the book of Revelation was written, a white stone was equivalent with innocence. The only problem is, the part of the map that tells you to do all of this surveying is, without a doubt, a false trail. Fact: All Alphas have a very Stones were laid symbolically at the foot of the cross by representatives from the Methodist and Anglican churches. By doubling the 31 feet (that we get from the bell) we get a new number of 62. According to the founder of Holy Listening Stones, Rev. Any signs at this point will pertain ONLY to the depth you need dig, as well as the death traps that you WILL encounter (but that’s another story). Each of these 2 Stones has carved objects indicated in italics. If this sounds confusing to you, you’re right at home. Incised symbol stones - pieces of natural undressed stone. Other symbols are hearts, meaning triumphant over death. Rolling Stones fans are still going strong too! Hand Symbol Meanings In Ancient Cultures. Symbols On Catholic Cemetery Headstones: The Dove. Now generally, the number 6 is used as a death trap symbol, etc. When locating a W, remember that the W has a numerical value of 23. The reason that the author went into this survey design is because he has a Jesse James treasure map that tells you that you must do this in order to find the treasure. From this simple and heartfelt sharing of life experiences, I see the mystery and the effectiveness of using these “holy listening stones” as a practice to help one express their feeling and spiritual journey in a more concrete manner. 21:20).1 Symbols in the stone The stone is which is symbolic of blood, sacrifice, blood atonement, the passing over They reason is that the shadow If you’re a die hard Stones fan, you might be considering your own Rolling Stones tattoo. If you’re at the main opening and you dig up a rock map with a “T” on it then you know that it’s speaking of depth. When pressed into hot wax, the impression of the ring left an official seal on legal documents. It is common sense. With subsequent signs we only have “art” pics, not Treasure Monuments. It will be written in such a way that this letter will look more like the number 13. Getting to this alpha point is not complicated, you simply make your way to this point in whatever way that you can. The symbols are simple but as we partake, their implications are profound. Change ). on the Tx./Mexican border doing some field work and have come across some rock writings that I believe to be from the spanish exploration period. After developing the mine down some 20 feet below the surface, it became richer than ever, with more gold than he could ever use in a life time…as the Mexican revolution was eminent Again incised on natural stones, they date from the 7th century. We don’t realize that we have is a small piece of the “Big Picture.”, As your ability with deciphering treasure signs and symbols increases, this big picture will reveal itself to you.

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