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The First Transcontinental Railroad changed America, but the men who had toiled on the tracks were erased from history. FACT CHECK: We strive for accuracy and fairness. And even though they made major contributions to the construction of the Transcontinental Railroad, these 15,000 to 20,000 Chinese immigrants have been largely ignored by history. Thousands of Chinese railroad workers helped build the First Transcontinental Railroad. “The artifacts on view are meant to help visitors understand how forgotten workers had to endure hazardous, unfair conditions, in addition to backbreaking labor,” said Leibhold. There is one photo from 1869 that shows how the company commemorated the last hammered spike to complete the railroad, however, only one Chinese worker is in the photo. The version in Chinese illustrates the importance of Chinese commercial clients using the rail line. The Chinese made the ultimate backbreaking contribution of blood, sweat, and lives lost to create the largest railroad in the world. By paying laborers a low wage, they were able to skim millions from the construction and get rich. During the 19th century, more than 2.5 million Chinese citizens left their country and were hired in 1864 after a labor shortage threatened the railroad’s completion. But if you see something that doesn't look right, click here to contact us! “Many books on the railroad focus on the Big Four and the barons of the UP,” he says. [4] “Cultural Impact of Building the Transcontinental Railroad.” [5] Fuchs. Chinese laborers made up a majority of the Central Pacific workforce that built out the transcontinental railroad east from California. … “To totally condemn the businessmen is challenging because they took huge risks raising money to build a railroad that was astronomically difficult. Despite Chinese workers' contributions to building America’s historic infrastructure project, Chang says their history is often forgotten. The transcontinental railroad has been viewed in a similarly nationalistic way ever since. “There’s no question this is a story about migrant labor,” he said. The Chinese Exclusion Act of 1882 was signed by Chester A. Arthur on May 6, 1882. Many people didn’t think it was possible.”. According to the Chinese Railroad Workers Project, Central Pacific started with a crew of 21 Chinese workers in January 1864. When they failed to achieve this dream a… “White workers, whom the company wanted, did not sign on in numbers anything close to what was needed,” he says. Building the Transcontinental Railroad: How Some 20,000 Chinese Immigrants Made It Happen They toiled through back-breaking labor during both frigid winters and blazing summers. TRANSCONTINENTAL RAILROAD BACKCOUNTRY BYWAY - 90-mile section of the Central Pacific Railroad grade administered by the Bureau of Land Management. On May 10, 1869, during an elaborate ceremony at Promontory Summit in Utah, the “Golden Spike” was driven in and the nation’s first Transcontinental Railroad was completed. 150 years after the completion of the First Transcontinental Railroad, a local Chicago Museum highlights Chinese workers' contributions. A transcontinental railroad in the United States is any continuous rail line connecting a location on the U.S. Pacific coast with one or more of the railroads of the nation's eastern trunk line rail systems operating between the Missouri or Mississippi Rivers and the U.S. Atlantic coast. Like thousands of native-born Americans and immigrants from other parts of the world, they hoped to strike it rich during the Gold Rush. Students will analyze primary source photographs and political cartoons and work with data to color code sources of immig. The Railroad made it possible to cross the country in a matter of days instead of months, paved the way for new settlers to come out west, and helped speed America's entry onto the world stage as a modern nation that spanned a full continent. In 1869, the dream was made a reality at Promontory Point, Utah with the connection of two railway lines. Chinese Railroad Workers Project Introduction Video; 150 Years Ago, Chinese Railroad Workers Staged the Era’s Largest Labor Strike by Chris Fuchs "The Chinese in Winnemucca, Nevada." Labor on the Transcontinental Railroad The majority of the Union Pacific track heading westward was built by Irish laborers, by Mormons who constructed much of the track in Utah, and after the war by veterans of the Union and Confederate armies. There are also miner’s picks and shovels, conical hats, as well as photos of the camp sites where the workers lived in Nevada in 1869. At first railroad companies were reluctant to hire Chinese workers, but the immigrants soon proved to be vital. Chinese workers building a cut and a bank at Sailor's Spur in the Sierra foothills for the Central Pacific Railroad in California, 1866. They had to face dangerous work conditions – accidental explosions, snow and rock avalanches, which killed hundreds of workers, not to mention frigid weather. Other uses for snowsheds over Donner. Accessed online September 25, 2017. The Transcontinental Railroad changed the course of American history when it was completed in 1869. “You’re always welcome if you’re affluent, then you’re allowed to come in.”, Forgotten Workers: Chinese Migrants and the Building of the Transcontinental Railroad is on show at the National Museum of American History in Washington until spring 2020, The transcontinental railroad at 150 – in pictures. This prejudice led to the Chinese Exclusion Act of 1882. Chinese laborers at work on construction for the railroad built across the Sierra Nevada Mountains, circa 1870s. “All workers on the railroad were ‘other’,” said Liebhold. In a new exhibition, the overlooked contribution of Chinese workers is being brought to the light for the 150th anniversary of the railroad’s completion, Last modified on Thu 18 Jul 2019 02.03 EDT. The construction of the Transcontinental Railroad is one of the greatest achievements in American history. Without them,” he said, “it would be impossible to complete the western portion of this great national enterprise, within the time required by the Acts of Congress.”. From the 1850s to 1882, they were tolerated in the US, but not accepted as peers. There is also evidence they faced physical abuse at times from some supervisors. They eventually held an eight-day strike in June of 1867. HISTORY: The Chinese Transcontinental Railroad. I asked Dr. Manu Karuka, American Studies scholar and author of Empire’s Tracks: Indigenous Nations, Chinese Workers, and the Transcontinental Railroad, about the impact of the railroad on Indigenous peoples and nations. Chinese railroad workers were instrumental to creation of America's first transcontinental railroad between 1863 and 1869. This story could still be one which resonates with today’s America. Chinese Railroad Workers in North America Project, Chinese Americans Were Once Forbidden to Testify in Court. According to the Project, Chinese workers hired in 1864 were paid $26 a month, working six days a week. Sinds 1859 was Omaha aangesloten op de spoorlijn van de Atlantische kust. by J.P. Marden. © 2020 A&E Television Networks, LLC. Hundreds died from explosions, landslides, accidents and disease. The Transcontinental Railroad was a dream of a country set on the concept of Manifest Destiny. Chinese, Native Americans and the Transcontinental Railroad Transcontinental Railroad and Stanford University Railroads and American Culture in the 19th Century W hen one thinks of the transcontinental railroad, rarely do Chinese migrants come to mind. UTAH EDUCATION NETWORK - Lesson plans for the Transcontinental Railroad. “Then, there was the Chinese Exclusion Act, which barred immigrants from coming into US, unless you were a diplomat or a businessperson,” said Liebhold. Their job duties included everything from unskilled labor to blacksmithing, tunneling and carpentry, according to the Project, with most work done with hand tools.

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