will hydrangea roots damage foundation

Panicled hydrangeas are much more sun tolerant and may need less water than your other plant, Blue Enchantress, which is a big leaf hydrangea. 1. It can reach 6’ in all directions and has bloom buds that are formed during the previous summer, so if you have an especially cold winter or late spring frosts, it may not bloom well for you some seasons. Poplar (Zones 3-8): A tall tree with aggressive roots known for causing sewer and foundational damage; American elm (Zones 3-9): A full tree that has shallow roots that can disrupt your lawn, sidewalk or driveway; Silver maple (Zones 3-9): A tree with gorgeous, shimmery leaves that also has roots that often end up growing above the ground 2. I have a brick home with a concrete foundation and would like to plant something next to the house to cover up the first brick or two and give some 'volume' right next to the house. 2. A scientific study published in Bioscience, Biotechnology, and Biochemistry in 2003 noted that hydrangea root extracts have greater antioxidant power in liver tissue than milk thistle and turmeric combined. Trees growing near a home are often a source of worry to a homeowner, mainly because of the roots. Among the more commonly selected foundation plants are azaleas, yews, camellias, viburnums, hydrangeas, and boxwoods. Holly Bushes and Shrubs Homeowners usually plant holly bushes and shrubs, often called foundation plants, along a home’s foundation. Even though the Japanese holly bush (Ilex crenata) has a tap root that grows straight down for stability, most of the working roots are shallow, fibrous roots. I know that the conventional advice is to plant further out than the plant's dripline. Hydrangea Root as an Antioxidant. Obviously, moisture and roots are problems I have to worry about. Therefore, they get attracted to the area that receives the most sunlight. On the other hand, a tree planted over pipes might damage them due to the tree’s roots swelling and gradually bending the pipe. Foundation damage on the side that receives the most sunlight; Trees naturally require light to grow. Aside from being right next to the side wall, it's also right next to the drive way. How big will the tree grow and how far will its root stretch to? You can find several lists of such plants on the Internet. Mechanical damage from roots exerting pressure on the foundation. The tree roots will not normally damage the foundations of a house directly but they can increase the likelihood of subsidence when they are combined with a clay soil, which shrinks and swells as moisture content decreases and increases. Once the roots find weak points, they will burrow into them, causing extensive damage as the roots continue to grow away from the center of the shrub. And while tree roots can do damage to a home's foundation, it's probably not for the reason many believe. Will its root be a problem to the structure of the house? Although slow in growth until it becomes established, a climbing hydrangea can reach 60 feet. Related Articles: Hydrangea – Damage Nearby Pipes Q: I recently planted a hydrangea bush next to my house. Hazards such as branches falling on the house. And nineteenth-century physicians used hydrangea as a treatment for chronic chest pain caused by bronchitis. Your hydrangea roots won’t hurt the pipes you found. Root intrusion where trees are the main cause of mechanical damage to a foundation is rare. I don't know why the previous owner planted it there. Soil area is only 2 feet deep between the side wall and the drive way. Those roots, in fact, won't be able to push through the foundation, buckling it in spots. And the more trees there are in that area, the more roots they’ll produce. Fluctuations in soil moisture, causing soil to expand and contract and put pressure on the foundation. Climbing hydrangeas have many benefits for home landscaping, particularly in creating screening and year-round interest on a wall, fence or large tree. They will, however, opportunistically seek water if there is a drainage problem near your foundation.

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