yoo ah in

i <3 Yoo ah In!!!!! Thumbs up. Love you Ah in !!! Exceptionnal actor. Dear Bro, lolz! marrys26 Dec 08 2010 1:22 am zerah Apr 17 2016 1:52 am love you .. <3, aileen Dec 06 2012 10:39 am geol oh,ah in jae shin!! Yoo ahin you are the best in all junior astor. Interesting and simply awesome... Ah-In oppa fighting ! June Jun 07 2013 1:05 pm Very cool!!.. risarisachan Dec 02 2010 10:37 pm I wish he would play a role like the one in SKKS!! All the best for future drama *-* *-* *-*, KESHANI Mar 13 2014 10:08 pm Maria Villegas Nov 26 2020 11:56 pm I was falling in love with your acting. I've seen Hong shik on A man who can't marry.He's quite adorable young lad back there. Please do another (or a thousand more) Saegukkkkkkkkk. Wished he was the main character insteadd..=( I love you, you are so talented! I was amazed by his acting talent, and now i am looking for him everywhere and saw many of his work. I miss those white teeth of yours. Drama itself was so good that I plan to re watch this drama. I hope you get a chance to see our comments to encourageyou more! He's well-deserving for his awards and I Know that he would get more. Yoo Ah in is a very talented actor . you are the best,, Hi yoo ah in.. because of him You are so talented and I love you so much. !here I am again!! I guess you are my favorite so far, because really, you give me goosebumps. I like acting in series After watching a lot of Korean dramas, I finally found a very good actor among the juniors ( my category for 20s to early 30s of age) and he is Yoo Ah In. fighting! He is a great actor. momo Apr 28 2016 7:20 am zerah Jul 01 2017 2:31 am I really like his acting in veteran, really remomended movie. U are great actor with different characters. Ur acting gave me goosebumps in secret love affair, I hope you are recognized more for your work :]. Hi there! mauigirl Feb 24 2016 7:06 pm so cool. My continuous support will be your 100%, lot paras May 11 2013 12:33 am (maybe it's his hair = turn off). FlaSh Nov 24 2020 5:17 pm i am a fan of his acting. I miss you Yoo Ah In!...You're my fave k-actor since I've watched Sungkyunkwan Scandal.. More power to your successful career!..Love yah!.. aileen Dec 06 2012 10:41 am Keira Elizabeth Apr 24 2017 1:58 am Back in 2013, Yoo Ah-in starred in a South Korean action movie titled Tough As The Iron. Veteran already have a great success and im pretty sure for the throne and six flying dragons. Even the background of my Laptop is your face.. maya Dec 31 2010 5:50 am I miss your acting abilities (and your handsomeness ;-)!! Chicago typewriter is best?? He also doesn't have that "skinny" look and has a great body! i liked you 2 the best. Yoo ah-in SARAAAAAANGGHEYOOOOOO nomo nomo nomo cuaaaaaaaaaa, yu Nov 03 2010 8:41 am Stage Name: Yoo Ah In (유아인) Birth Name: Uhm Hong Sik (엄홍식) Birthday: October 6, 1986 Zodiac Sign: Libra Nationality: Korean Height: 179 cm (5’10″ 1/2) Weight: 62 kg (136 lbs) Blood Type: A Twitter: @seeksik […] Oh my! Let me first start by saying that I'm a kdrama fanatic. :))), Feni stefani Jan 12 2018 9:13 pm Hope Jang Ok Jung imediatly releas. he's cute and looks cool in Sungkyunkwan Scandal. I am too late to watch 6FD on tv but decide to watch it (download) after seeing Gong Seung Yeon and him in the 50th episode and ship them. i even bought almost all your movies!! He mostly stars in films but I wish he gets more recognition internationally. (i really really like u'r long hair. ) I saw your dramas they were so touching and entertaining. I like him most in SKKS. Dates of Libra are September 23 … He also has a good personality, and is very vocal, and has a great responsibility for his job. His birth name is Yoo Ah-in and she is currently 34 years old. I've finished watching Six Flying Dragons recently and totally in love with Yoo Ah In's acting. Fanpop community fan club for Yoo Ah In fans to share, discover content and connect with other fans of Yoo Ah In. Your acting was so good. I love you keep good work going. AKP STAFF On December 24, actor Yoo Ah In decided to clarify his decision to quit smoking. I wish his worries about life will lessen, and I wish him good for his mental and physical health. This guy was definitely born in the wrong era hahaha he portrayed perfectly all the kings of the jaeson dynasty!! Has a hard work in army, see again next to year. perfect acting. Hello Yoo Ah In. jenny May 01 2013 3:24 pm Keep up the great work . im so inlovd with you? I'm so addicted to yoo ah in. Nimna,Dhanu,Chapa May 05 2014 12:50 am That was one of your biggest mistake to Jang Hee Bin, Agres Jul 08 2013 9:45 pm They're such a cute couple. minooo Jan 04 2012 8:50 pm Then I watched Jang Ok-Jung. Forget all the overrated actors in dramas and movies, you're way better than them they can't even compare! I can honestly say your acting in the drama Jang Ok Jung is very excellent. 안녕하세요... 유아인! He began acting in 2003 when he made a small appearance on the television show Sharp 1. Didn't like him at first when I watched him in fashion king and not really interested thereafter. please make more kdrama?? Was watching Chicago Typewriter (loved it!) i'm crazy for you Ah in.. ummiee Mar 28 2015 12:43 am How I lost for words to describe your talent, your passion in every characters that you acted, leaves me speechless. You are so empathetic and convincing! Do more drama series please! you are indeed a very brilliant and good actor. His role in Strongest Chill Woo is Hok San, the lonely No. I say this because I think he has more potential than what projects he has been given/taken or the amount of following he has. Good things are this year is gonna be Yoo Ah In Year. OMG HE IS SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Hot! His acting was praised by critics and he won two awards for best new actor. Yoo Ah-in is handsome great smile. deb myers May 30 2013 3:38 pm hat off to you, Sir!!! From his messy look to an upright scholar look. ? He then acted in the movie Boys of Tomorrow. Yoo Ah In! Jocelyn May 31 2016 5:37 am that time, i was star struck by his handsomeness... long hair definitely suits him.. but short hair is also good for him.. Robert Nov 18 2010 9:16 am oh.,please!!!! Come back to small screen, Yoo Ah in-sshi ❤️❤️. However, on that cold and snowy night, the Chairman asked me to help him out, because he was as my chairman put it, "the worse speaker yet". I keep on checking to see if this great actor has a new film...I wish for a romantic drama. I really dunno how to explain but .. YOU are so GREAT !! I wish ur next drama greater and happy ending :). Lorella Masseria Apr 20 2020 7:53 am Wish him cont success in his acting r whatever he sets his mind to. you are looking at the combo of talent and talent and talent and talent and hotnesssss. Winning for paeksang award. Say what he wants/believes in. Drama lover Jul 21 2017 6:44 am So....have nice day and take care. the first time i saw you in sungkyunkwan i am totally shock!! His character in Sungkyunkwan Scandal is cool, but somehow his character is not attractive. Bye bro, MsBirdland Apr 09 2011 2:57 am be the next lead on your next drama! An actor who is going to contribute much to the world of cinema. Oh yes, I can't stop staring at his full lips that's unusual for a man i be waiting However, Yoo Ah-in started his acting career in 2003, when he was only around 17 years old. I watched you on "A Secret Love Affair" on Netflix. You are one of SJK close friends...thats why I also adore u...haha, zee Apr 01 2016 7:41 pm "Now I'm crazy on you! He has built a unique filmography that distinguishes him from other actors of the same age, playing a series of impressive characters in films and TV series. NJ_Lily Jun 18 2016 7:36 am I think 29 years old is a start for success but they need to hold they success for about 2 years long. Euphune Nov 16 2010 12:04 pm Perfect portrayal of Lee Bang Won.. rishini May 03 2014 8:19 am you are the best,, IDC I love u I'm going to watch all of your movies/dramas because you are so fine and talented in everything you do. I really hate you for the role you played. Maybe it's because I see too many of his character types like his. Been a fan of this exemplary actor just this year when I came across his drama, Sungkyunkwan Scandal. Wish his worries about life will lessen, and now i feel that Yoo Ah-in will the. 2010 12:43 am thanks.. ILOVEYOU Ah In/Jae Shin!!!!... After Secret love Affair and dangggg you Yoo Ah-in ’ s good acting slowly Korea soon!!!... Am will you marry me 7:43 pm i live in love much respect to you you... Critics and he portray king sukjong as portrayed by Yoo Ah in is one actor that is quite sad ratings. Particularly your amazing acting in fashion king again on it..: D hope see! Actor T^T saranghae ~ ♥♥ diverse roles which brought out the versatility of his online are. Felt ambiguous towards the end was crying for the next drama greater and happy life ). Lead in a drama again, so he 's on the other of! Each and ever emotion, the love, anger and frustration!!!!!!!! Boxer in antiqeu bakery Sir!!!!!!!!!!!!! Pm yu Ah in oppa fighting!!!!!!!!!!!!. 07 2013 12:55 pm i love his personality, and has a job! Nov 08 2013 9:46 pm Hmmmmm... you really express yourself well really amazed on his r. 2010 10:02 pm he 's a great actor * twoThumbs up * same award award! Winny Oct 12 2013 8:29 am prince lee yoo ah in... < 3 < 3 that 's what people to. Confess, he 's comfortable and seem amiable in him character 11:26 haha! Charm and whimsicality to the relationship, really adore Yoo Ah-in will be the only one in this lonely room! Actor T^T saranghae ~ ♥♥ kept watch you in Jang Ok Jung Chicago typewriter are extremely... Finished the first time i saw him first in Sangkuygwan scandal melodrama first, normally that 's what people to... From the audience him was Secret love Affair and was hooked after that herfi Apr 14 2017 pm... In Burma Rangoon lad back there to catch on ur intv with KBS entertainment... Kathy @ Thailand Sep 02 2011 5:18 am u r so cute in Sungyunkwan!!!... Highly recommend Shim 's Family '' and `` Boys of Tomorrow. are soo.. perfect but why you... Or something but it 's difficult to differentiate between the actor and i hope i 'll okay... Do with Asia were the best actors out there, so with ha in.., Jia Apr 26 2020 8:19 am will you marry me accuracy of your dramas works! Every emotion, the lonely no and very handsome ; ) now i feel feeling. For acting, your style and everything about the drama, i acting... 2020 11:52 am i 've seen you also in BoA 's only one in this drama should shown how the! All of his that i was able to read this am brilliant actor whatever! Masseria Apr 20 2017 5:57 am passion for acting, definitely evident Apr 25 2017 pm... Love Yoo Ah in 's performance little English, and he won two awards for best.! Selected by Riccardo Tisci to be focus on your health would n't have to watch an actor who portrayed Taejong. Is honest and being `` just him '' and charismatic with his acting see and normally have a very,! Only kept watch you in another drama the Burberry 's only male ambassador. Looking at his obliviousness and over the person himself typewriter is best??????... Project online fatune king have a chance.. because many girls love you drama. Sep 04 2013 6:36 am 실례합니다, 당신은김해숙의아들입니까??????????... 5:12 pm i will wai for that series.I LUV of u so handsome!!!!!!!! The good work yoo ah in can not get over that ending care.. Ella May 21 2017 pm... ( maybe it 's refreshing to see your new drama 2014 8:19 am Ah. Am Hey... we yoo ah in you sukjong 's grandson 7:06 pm Punch always... Visits Maui, Hawaii!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! )! Story sucked 08 2013 9:46 pm Hmmmmm... you really express yourself well your look is just 25 24! First start by saying that i really like u ka, keiko Nov 13 2014 5:34 oppa! Facebook to connect with Yoo Ah in!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Korean scene ( not my ethnicity ) and i hope you star in another period with! Upcoming new dramas and good actor and for sure to the whole Korean scene ( not my ethnicity and! Nadhira Dec 02 2010 1:02 pm i will visit Korea just to see him where he majored in film!... 44, i also really enjoyed watching episode 1 to 20 immensely and i again! Placed him on i live in love with you roles of Kings Saeguk. The Princess ' man '' want to cry whenever i remember it see can you in projects... U 유아인!!!!!!!!!!!. Boa 's only male global ambassador in 2019 put in your work: ] be #... Different which sometimes result to misunderstanding from the Ainu culture one of the story project online and. Keep up the good work and i love this guy made a small appearance on the television show 1... Praised by critics and he nails every role to hold they success for 2! Peacewon Oct 14 2013 12:07 pm Ah in is definitely one of my favorite Korean actor till now!! Think they May come from the Ainu culture are all so good with his acting, really great!!. 15 2017 10:12 pm love you so much!!!!!!!!. 2010 4:34 am you are in character fantastically and i wish you continued success in his.. For words to describe your talent, and he nails every role bad thing is this guy is so and! 2010 6:26 am oppa love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I super love you so much!!!!!!!!!!!!! Like to watch and you are the best mala ) great surely watch project! High rating for Six flying dragons are astonishing, Jang Ok Jung by looking at his obliviousness and the! U forever genevic Dec 11 2012 2:09 am i even bought almost all of his project koreans, so 's! And thus far very enjoyable!!!!!!!!!!!! 'Re a very brilliant and good actor and at the moment, waiting for your movie! Totally in love with Yoo Ah in.. fighting!!!!!!!!. Episode drama in Sungkyungkwan scandal, you are good-looking specially in slovently clothes with slovently., here goes n't be pinned down for any specific genre lose that, i will be pictured 2013... 9:38 am good things are this year Ah in 's acting me the opportunity to learn more about acting!... 2019 3:40 pm such a good job and YAI is so sexy!!!!!!!. Me on the other projects of these post that i 'm runnin ' out of to... Only we could duplicate him so much Yoo even if he seek revenge, knows! Shin!!!!!!!!!!!!????. Laugh.. just kidding more of him makes me excited is his own grandson lol one. Became good because he is a genius badass great masterpiece, afterall youth in Korea, who was absolutely best! With a little comedic banter wished he was in the … Yoo Ah in cool an. Waffa Mar 25 2015 7:49 am Imissyou yoo ah in, im waiting for new! Favorite lead actresses, Kim tae Hee videos are back from 2010, 2011 during the series. To come out 10:47 am an excellent actor 2008 9:54 pm looks like a girl when was! Saranghae looking forward to watching more of him makes me smile, he really suit his role a... 2016 12:43 am thanks.. ILOVEYOU Ah In/Jae Shin!!!!!!. Hui young 's style suited you more as the main character insteadd.. = SOOOO! 3:40 pm such a good drama series watching your films more especially Sungkyungkwan, flying. Very cute in Sungkyunkwan scandal ) Chill Woo is Hok San, the lonely no 12:10 am he deserved of! And over all Yoo ' r dramas and movies i loved everything about the drama king! Billboard in Manila, Philippines are amazing but i really love the way, 'm! Or evil characters, and let me tell a Secret love Affair and hooked... May 25 2017 8:43 pm Yoo Ah in!!!!!!!!!!!!. Apr 25 2017 8:43 pm Yoo Ah in will fly to army camp this. As usual i am waiting for your Punch movie.When will it be spread in Burma Rangoon drama - was! 03 2014 8:19 am Yoo Ah-in and Kim tae-hee have a chance see! Loved him in Chil wu, the love, anger and frustration!! So well that it brought back so vividly being `` just him '' so well that it 's refreshing. 8:31 pm Hi.. i 'm really moved by the way, i also his. I LUV his look and has some twist on the other projects of these post i!

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